Food Whilst Travelling

Four great dishes to try in New York City

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit New York. It was my second visit,  the first being in 2006 and it was every bit as amazing as I remembered.

New York is a city of colour, life and glitz. It is also a fantastic place for a foodie to visit as there are so many different cultures merging together, offering culinary choices for every palette. Below I have outlined a few of the best dishes I tried whilst on my recent trip. It is definitely not a definitive list, but food that I recommend.

Chicken and vegetables
The Oyster Bar,  Grand Central Station


The Oyster bar is one of the landmarks of the NYC culinary scene. It boasts a fantastic architectural design, common in the era of its construction, 1913. This simple chicken dish was creamy and tasty.

Cheeseburger and chips
Eamonn’s Bar and Grill, 45th Street


Playing into New York’s Irish heritage, Eamonn’s bar offers a cosy atmosphere. This burger was everyone could have wished for and I’m getting hungry thinking about it now.

Ravioli and Chocolate Fondue Pot
Piccolo Fiore, 44th Street



Lovely traditional Italian dish followed by a delightfully rich (and fattening) fondue. Pricey but delicious.

Cakes and coffee
Felice Restaurant, 1 Avenue


Felice was one of my favourite places in New York. These mini cakes were perfect for sharing whilst enjoying afternoon tea with friends.

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