Sweet Treats and Seafood in Brighton

As lockdown continues to ease across the UK, I thought I’d finally get around to writing a post on my trip to Brighton- or rather, the food I ate on my trip to Brighton. This trip was quite a while ago now, so my memory is unclear on a few things. Therefore, I decided to focus more on the sweet things I enjoyed- they’re more interesting anyway.

So, let’s start with these super scrummy ice creams I had at Bill’s and Donatello. So light and creamy.

One morning, I had pancakes with blueberries and cream for breakfast, which felt very decadent:

Not the healthiest start to the day!

But my favourite dish I ate in Brighton wasn’t a sweet one. It was calimari that I tried at Regency restaurant. I’m not massively into seafood, but I do like calimari, and this hit the spot. The chips complimented it nicely as well.

Brighton was dreamy 😍. Highly recommended for a weekend getaway. I’m planning to go back and try some more food- watch this space.

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