Dining out in beautiful Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire is a really under-rated place. In a 2018 YouGov poll, 42000 people named Bedfordshire as the least popular of the 42 countries. It seems to be a country that people pass through, rather than linger in. However, there is plenty to enjoy and experience in Bedfordshire, not least the food.

Here is a round-up of some of the best meals I’ve enjoyed whilst eating out in mid- Bedfordshire over the last few months.

The Chequers, Westoning

This cute little thatched pub is about 10 minutes off junction 12 on the M1 and is worth a visit if you find yourself in the area. I really couldn’t fault this place when I visited for a birthday meal recently. Despite the fact that they had just re-opened after lockdown and were really busy, the service was excellent. The food was also top-notch. You can’t really go wrong with ham, egg and chips and this was spot-on. Recommended.

The Flying Horse, Clophill

Everything about our visit was great, from the gorgeous sunny weather to the lovely ambience. We just couldn’t get enough of the food and ended up eating three courses. I particularly recommend the calamari- it was delicious.

The White Hart, Maulden

The chicken burgers here are amazing! I’ve been a fan of the White Hart for so long and it’s changed management several times, but they seem to have hit a winner now. I particularly enjoyed sitting on the veranda overlooking the pleasant garden whilst enjoying my meal.

The service was good as well.

The Cross-Keys, Pulloxhill

The Cross-Keys has a beautiful location, set in the middle of countryside, and the surrounding area is good for walks.

I wanted to try something different so opted for the beef stroganoff. It was very creamy and tangy. It was also the most expensive thing on the menu, but didn’t break the bank. Good food for sensible prices- the Cross-Keys never lets you down.

EDIT: I went back to the Cross Keys a few evenings ago and had their gorgeous brownie blowout:

Do you have any recommendations for food in Bedfordshire?

Sweet Treats and Seafood in Brighton

As lockdown continues to ease across the UK, I thought I’d finally get around to writing a post on my trip to Brighton- or rather, the food I ate on my trip to Brighton. This trip was quite a while ago now, so my memory is unclear on a few things. Therefore, I decided to focus more on the sweet things I enjoyed- they’re more interesting anyway.

So, let’s start with these super scrummy ice creams I had at Bill’s and Donatello. So light and creamy.

One morning, I had pancakes with blueberries and cream for breakfast, which felt very decadent:

Not the healthiest start to the day!

But my favourite dish I ate in Brighton wasn’t a sweet one. It was calimari that I tried at Regency restaurant. I’m not massively into seafood, but I do like calimari, and this hit the spot. The chips complimented it nicely as well.

Brighton was dreamy 😍. Highly recommended for a weekend getaway. I’m planning to go back and try some more food- watch this space.

Pasta at Vapiano

I was looking through old pictures on my phone and came across some photos of my visit to Vapiano last year. I’m not obsessed with pasta (okay, I am), but pasta is great to photograph. Is that just me?

Anyway, Vapiano is a canteen- style Italian restaurant that caters to the ‘swipe and go’ generation. I think it’s worthy of a mention on this blog as the pasta is fabulous. And they offer takeaway- ideal for these Covid times.

Vapiano, Great Portland Street

There’s a few branches around London, so if you’re near one, it’s worth paying a visit. And if you’re not…put it on the list of places to visit in London when you are able to.

Eating outside again (finally)

As the lockdown restrictions have eased, it’s been so good to be able to enjoy food and drink at a restaurant or cafe outside. I have been off work over the last week whilst transitioning between jobs, which has given me additional time to really make the most of it.

Here is a round-up of some of the places I visited.

The Paper Mill, Apsley

It was lovely weather at the weekend so my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate by visiting a charming canal-side restaurant near where he lives. We both had beefburgers, but I could only get my hands on the brownie sundae by ordering it from the kids’ menu. It was actually a decent size though and was delicious.

The White Hart, Ampthill

My friend and I thought this place would be pretty quiet in the middle of the week on a dull day. We were wrong! It was buzzing with life.

My pasta with was spot- on and the hot chocolate to follow was just the thing to warm me up. We had to wrap up warm, but the food made up for it.

Roll on May 17th when (hopefully) we will be able to sit inside!

Eating My Way Through London: Figo, Stratford

This pizza from Figo in Stratford deserves a lot of love. I tried it way back before lockdown 1, so it was a bit of time ago, but it’s stuck in my memory since.

Figo is a great little Italian place in East London, with a vibrant atmosphere. The pizza was excellent, so flavoursome and filling. The restaurant is popular with the nearby office- workers, therefore hopefully it hasn’t suffered too much as a larger number of people work from home.

I think I’ll give Figo 9/10 for its pizza.

Foodies do the West Coast of Canada

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I’ve written countless blog posts about it and save my sweater collection all year round, ready for the Autumn months.

This year, I started my Autumn off by spending it in the Canadian Rockies. I’ve really wanted to go there for sometime. After a nine hour flight, I arrived in Banff, to be greeted by crisp air and the sights of lush meadows and tall peaks.

I’ve visited Canada before, back in 2012, and it is one of my favourite places. That time, I was lucky enough to visit the East Coast and posted a blog about my culinary experience here. An overarching style of Canadian cuisine is difficult to define- Canadian food is a smorgasbord of different cultures. Certain indigenous food is seen as very Canadian, whilst Canadian food takes its inspiration from French influences.

Naturally I ate a lot whilst I was over in Canada. Here are a few of my highlights:

Lamb souvalaki

Jasper Pizza Place

Like how delicious was this, seriously? Jasper is a beautiful location- peaks as far as the eye can see- but it doesn’t have a large selection of eateries. The one is a top pick out of the ones that were available. The restaurant was super cosy as well- and one particular waitress was amazing.

Mamma Rosa (Penne, roasted garlic, mushrooms and free-range chicken in rosé sauce)

Bellagio Cafe, Vancouver

With fabulous views of Burrard Inlet, North Vancouver and the iconic Canada Place, Bellagio Cafe is a great place to relax with a glass of white and a big plate of pasta. The rustic surroundings added to the charm.

Beef Bourguignon

Burgoo, Vancouver

Burgoo is a Vancouver standard, serving up tasty comfort food to visitors to its bistros since 2001. I hadn’t had beef bourguignon for a while, so decided to give this a try. It was so satisfying and nourishing, especially when teamed with gravy and biscuits.

Vancouver is a charming city, but prone to rain, so this was comforting on a drizzly night.

Chocolate Slice

Murchie’s, Victoria, BC

Murchie’s is a bit of a Victoria institution. If you only have a short time in Victoria (like we did), then make sure you visit Murchie’s and sample their tea and cakes. This was amazing- I was craving something sweet and this really hit the spot. Even looking at the pictures makes me want to go back!

Admittedly, I actually ate a lot more food than is listed here- there was the schnitzel in Whiskey Jack’s, also in Jasper- however I was too busy enjoying myself to take pictures.

I loved Canada- can you tell? I recommend a trip, whether you’re going for the food or not.