Bristol: A City of Culinary Pleasures

Bristol is a foodie’s paradise. There’s such a vast selection of good places to eat throughout the city. I was lucky enough to be gifted the chance to go on a food tour when I visited my friend Anna there a few months ago.

Also- our tour guide was vegan as was my friend, so a lot of the food we sampled was either vegan or had a vegan alternative.

West Street Kitchen

A good place to start the tour, we enjoyed coffee and these super- cute cakes.


Glitch is a hairdresser’s, but in true hipster style, they offer a nice line in rustic pizza. I really couldn’t get enough of it.


This place was very crowded but the gyoza was so tasty and moist. If you’re in the City centre, remember to stop by.

Pata Negra

Some of the most divine Spanish cuisine outside of Madrid. Great ambience for a weekend lunch too.

Swoon Gelato

I love, love love ice-cream. This was probably my favourite place on the entire tour. They do vegan icecream as well.

We also paid a visit to the Waterfront market but because of rain, I didn’t manage to take any pictures. Lush burgers though!

All in all, I think this was one of my favourite birthday presents ever! A food tour is an original and intriguing way to experience a city and Bristol is definitely worth it.

Vegan Junk Food

As some people may already know, one of my good friends, Anna, and her partner are vegan. Before meeting them, I didn’t know much about veganism. Since they came into my life in 2013, I have spent time with them, educating myself about the vegan lifestyle and what it entails, which has been somewhat of an adventure to me.

I recently went up to visit Anna in Bristol, which involved a food tour (details of which will be in a forthcoming post!). She also took me to try dirty vegan food at Vx, a Bristol eaterie which specialises in vegan junk food.

I tried the nachos, which proved to me just how clever some vegan substitutes are:

Just don’t keep asking if the food is vegan! :p