Eating My Way Through London: Dishoom

Inspired by the Irani cafes of Bombay, Dishoom is an Indian restaurant that holds a special place in many Londoners’ hearts. The retro Mumbai ambiance renders the whole experience very evocative. So many people rave about it, that I felt like I was the only person who hadn’t visited. It’s been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for some time.

I wanted to see whether the food was as good as suggested, so was delighted to have the opportunity to try Dishoom’s Kings Cross branch. They don’t take bookings for less than six people after 5.45pm, so we did have to queue. However, it was only half an hour and things moved super-quickly. I can also confirm that Dishoom was worth the wait 🙂

We ordered the house black daal (only £7.90), the chicken biryani and plenty of cheese and garlic bread. It was incredibly flavoursome and the black daal was excellent- rich and deep. I’m not a fan of heat, but I didn’t need to worry- it was just enough to give a little spice, but not enough to knock me out. I teamed it with a super cute Bellini.

All the food we ordered, plus the rice, left us nicely satisfied. But of course we left room for pudding. I chose the cinnamon ice-cream- unusual and delicious. The chocolate pudding with chilli ice cream is worth a try as well.

Dishoom is one of the best Indian restaurants I’ve been to. The quality of the food is excellent and beautifully cooked. Apparently the vegan menu is great additionally. And a lot of reviews mention the breakfasts, so I would like to try those at some point as well.

Dishoom feels like a time capsule- and I was here for it. Vibey with great food- I can’t wait to go back!

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